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House Fries  $6

ketchup/parmesan aïoli   


Trio of Deviled Eggs  $8  

classic/romesco/avocado & bacon

(6 for $13) 

Shrimp & Corn Tostada Bites $9

brown-butter shrimp/corn/flour tostaditas

Grilled Fish Tacos  (2) $8

seasonal white fish/flour tortillas/Baja tartar/pickled jalapeños/slaw/roma/queso fresco 

 Grilled Shrimp Rolls $11


IPA Shrimp $12

fried shrimp/sweet Napa sauce/spicy mustard


                                                                       Frog Legs $15

                                                            fried/tarragon aiolï/arugula/lemon

                                                                     Rabbit Stew $16

                                            rabbit/mushrooms/tomatoes/duck fat dumplings

                                                             Panzanella Salad w/Burrata  $15 

tomatoes/cucumbers/red onions/arugula/croutons/burrata/pesto/red wine vinaigrette

(add grilled sous vide chicken breasts $5)

Sloppy Josh served w/Fries $15

beef/sour cream/tomato/pickled red onions/crispy jalepeños/toasted potato bun

Vegan Shepherd's Pie $17


Fried Chicken Sandwich served w/Fries   $17

Mary's chicken/slaw/granny smith/housemade pickles/sriracha aïoli/toasted brioche bun

Meatballs & Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich  $17

beef & pork/marinara/basil sauce/Italian grilled cheese


Extra Condiments by Request: Parmesan Aïoli/Tartar Sauce/Sriracha Aioli/Baja Aioli/Tarragon Aioli

(add $0.50 )



Bread Pudding $10

raisin/bourbon caramel/housemade vanilla ice cream  

Root Beer Float $8

Virgil's root beer/Thrifty ice cream

(add a shot $3 bourbon/rye/or Irish coffee)

Note: 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more, and unclosed tabs

Chef- Josh McKnight 

Sous Chef- Francisco Canizales

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